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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Compliance Policy

Since the company was founded more than three decades ago in 1980, we have been offering solutions focused on mainframes. Today we provide open system solutions as well.

We greatly appreciate all the support our customers have shown us over the years. In order to fulfill our social responsibility while continuing to help our customers, we are committed to:

  • company-wide social responsibility initiatives, led by the corporate compliance office,
  • regular internal education to ensure that all members of the company understand the meaning and significance of social responsibility and act accordingly, and
  • a positive corporate culture that encourages directors and employees to work together.

Environmental Responsibility

As we recognize that even a small initiative can eventually produce great benefits for society, we will act with environmental awareness.

Specifically, we will:
  • drive energy saving efforts,
  • promote paperless operation,
  • drive the 3R initiative (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle),
  • actively address environmental challenges, and
  • ensure that both directors and employees constantly deepen their understanding of environmental responsibility.