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Privacy Policy

CLC’s Privacy Policy

CLC Corporation sees privacy protection as one of its crucial corporate activities and recognizes that the appropriate handling and secure management of personal information is an important social responsibility. In an effort to fulfill this responsibility, we have defined our Privacy Policy, and each of our company executives and employees strive to appropriately handle, manage, and maintain personal information in accordance to that policy.

  1. When collecting personal information, CLC shall explicitly state the purpose and scope of use beforehand, and shall only use it for the purpose and within the scope to which the individual consented.
  2. The personal information CLC handles is stored under strict controls, and appropriate preventative and corrective measures are taken against invalid access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of such information.
  3. CLC strictly complies with privacy protection laws and other related standards.
  4. Privacy protection rules are defined in company regulations, and all members of the company that use the personal information maintained by CLC, including executives, employees, and temporary workers, are thoroughly instructed in complying with such rules. Such rules are also periodically revised and continually improved.

Created: July 26, 2004
Updated: May 31, 2022
Motomasa Moriya, President
CLC Corporation

Handling of Personal Information

CLC shall only use the personal information it collects from customers in accordance to the following purpose, scope, and handling when entrusting to business partners.

  1. The Personal information handled by CLC will not be provided to a third party without the prior consent of the individual, except in the case of "Shared use of personal information with group company Policy" described below and in cases of statutory exceptions.
  2. Inquiries regarding personal information, including disclosure, revision, and discontinuation, are accepted at the phone number and address listed below.
  3. The purposes for which personal information shall be used is as stated here. In addition to being used within the scope of normal sales and business, it shall also be used as follows:
    • Provide information on our handling software, hardware, related products, and various services
    • Information on seminars and surveys etc.
    • Notice on sales, maintenance, and service of the above handled products

    Also, CLC may contact you or provide you with information about the above items by phone, email, fax, or mail.

  4. Handling of information when entrusting to business partners:
    • We may entrust personal information to business partners within the scope of our business.
    • When entrusting such information, it shall be limited to the scope of necessary information and only entrusted to business partners with which we have concluded a Nondisclosure Agreement.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Information:

Compliance Office
CLC Corporation
Tokyu Toranomon Bldg., 5F
Toranomon 1-21-19, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001

Click here for inquiries concerning personal information.

Shared use of personal information with group company Policy

  1. Shared use of personal information
    CLC Corporation share and use your personal information of the business cards and related information with the group company of PCI Holdings that based on the PCI Holdings Group Policy to the purpose of providing the comprehensive service for you which collected your business card directly of following way.
    • Business Card Exchange with our employees or officers
    • Business Card provided to us at the seminars or exhibitions
  2. Items of your personal information to shared and use
    • Your Name, Company Name, Address, zip Code, Telephone Number, email Address, etc.
    • Background of business card collection
    • History information of transactions involving the person (information on transactions, inquiries, proposals, meetings, etc.)

  3. Scope of shared
    PCI Holdings,INC. and PCI Holdings,INC.'s consolidated subsidiary. The names of the consolidated subsidiaries included in the above "Scope of shared users" are listed in the "Group operating companies" section of the company profile page of the PCI Holdings,INC. website (

  4. Purpose of use of your personal information
    • Providing the information of products / services, seminars / events
    • Questionnaire Survey
  5. Information of the responsible for the management of personal information for this Policy
    PCI Holdings,INC.
    Tokyu Toranomon Bldg., 4F
    Toranomon 1-21-19, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
    President Kunio Yokoyama